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Respecting our animals through our...
Advanced Technology
Our Computerized Monitoring System
At Larson Acres, we have a computerized system designed to carefully monitor and track the health of each animal in our herd. Each cow has its own electronic identification number and a transponder around their necks. The transponder data for each individual cow downloads into our computerized monitoring system, which allows us to keep track of production levels, milk weights, cows that are expecting to be in heat and the waiting period for pregnancy, so we know what to expect and how to react.

When they walk into the milking parlor we know who’s there, how long it took to milk them, and how much milk they produced because of this monitoring system. We are also able to match the nutrient level in their diets to their milk through our computerized system.

At Larson Acres, the health and comfort of our cows is job number 1. All of our animals are equipped with electronic identification (EIDs), which allow us to constantly monitor everything from milk production to how long it takes to be milked each day. Utilizing this technology allows us to better track the health of all of our cows and detect when a cow may not be feeling well even before there are visible signs.