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Protecting our environment through our...
Advanced Technology at Larson Acres
  • McLanahan Sand Separator
  • Precision Ag

While there are a number of bedding options for our animals, at Larson Acres we believe that sand bedding is the best for cow comfort and the health of our animals. Sand provides a healthy environment for the udder, keeps cows cleaner, and aids in hoof traction on slick concrete.

Our sand separation technology, developed by the McLanahan Corporation, has helped us reduce the number of truckloads of sand we receive each month. This reduces local traffic, saves over 13,000 tons of sand a year and reduces the amount of diesel fuel burned each year by approximately 2,250 gallons.

The Benefits of Recycling Sand at Larson Acres
Mike Larson discusses the benefits of using sand separation technology to recycle the sand bedding used on the family farm.

Precision Ag
At Larson Acres we take our role as stewards of the land very seriously. We’ve been caring for our soil for nearly 100 years, making use of the latest in innovative technology to protect the land for future generations.

Larson Acres employs Precision Ag and Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) to not only optimize our yields and productivity, but to protect our environment. Both Precision Ag and NMP are scientific farming techniques that ensure just the right amounts of nutrients are used in just the right places on any given field. Precision Ag utilizes such innovative processes as field mapping, grid soil sampling and conductivity, variable rate technology and Global Positioning System (GPS) imaging and mapping. The result is soil that is balanced, without excessive nutrients.

Precision Ag allows us pinpoint accuracy in placing nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. Meticulous soil and land analysis, combined with careful NMP, allows us to determine a precise application plan. Knowing the right type of nutrient, the correct rate of application and exactly where and when it should be applied prevents over application or over feeding. Precision Ag allows us to apply only what the crop actually needs, preventing runoff into streams and waterways.

We understand the interconnectivity of our environment and are committed to using techniques and technology that safeguards the land.

Precision Ag & the Environment
Jamie Larson discusses the environmental benefits of Larson Acres' use of Precision Ag technology to manage nutrients on their crops.