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National Milk Quality Award

Larson Acres earned the prestigious National Dairy Quality Award (NDQA) by exemplifying excellence in quality milk production. The NDQA recognizes dairy producers across the United States who prioritize the highest standards in milk quality.

Larson Acres distinguished itself through meticulous attention to herd health, rigorous milking procedures and consistent management practices that ensure superior milk quality. Our commitment to producing clean, safe and high-quality milk has set us apart as a leader in the dairy industry.

Dairy Producers of the Year Award

We, the Larson family of Evansville, Wisconsin, have been farming in southern Wisconsin for nearly a century. Focusing on three key pillars – quality, pride, and family – we believe Larson Acres exemplifies modern dairy farming at its best. Milking 2,800 Holsteins in both a conventional double-20 parallel parlor and a cross-ventilated double-22 parallel parlor, our herd averages 109 pounds of energy-corrected milk daily, with 4.68% fat, 3.4% protein, and a 56,000 somatic cell count.

In addition to our stellar production records, we’ve bred 130 Excellent cows, 16 Gold Medal Dams, 40 Dams of Merit, four Gold Medal Sires, and 16 regional and/or national Elite Performer Award recipients. Our cows play a pivotal role at Larson Acres, but our people are just as important. We open our barn doors to welcome community members, industry leaders, fellow dairy producers, international guests, school children, and more, sharing our passion and commitment to dairy farming with everyone.

Our Team

Sandy Larson

General Manager


Mike Larson

Dairy Manager


Jim Trustem

Dairy Herd Manager


Dane Trustem

Farm Operations