The Farm

A rich history.

Family farming tradition since 1957.

Over 90 years after Ed and Johanna Larson began farming in Magnolia Township, Don and Virginia carried on the farming tradition in 1957 at the current Larson Acres’ site. Today, three generations all have a part in the operation that has grown from humble beginnings to a dairy that milks 2,800 cows and farms more than 5,000 acres while supporting our local area and its environment.

Many things have changed since we first began farming, but the principles by which we operate haven’t. At Larson Acres, dairy farming is about producing high-quality milk. But it’s also much more than that. It is about doing what’s right for the families in our community, our animals and the environment.

Our Focus

At Larson Acres, we focus on three key things that are the foundation of everything we do as a family dairy business — quality, pride and family. We take a great deal of pride in the top quality product we produce for consumers across America. But it’s not just about the milk we produce. For generations, our family has taken pride in how we care for our animals, how we protect our environment, how we plan for the future, how we treat our employees and how we give back to the community in which we live.


Our Team

Our Community

Our family is actively involved in the community in which we live and operate, and we are proud to give back to our community and neighbors in numerous ways. We support local organizations, churches and schools through donations and service projects. We participate in the Week of the Young Child celebration. We support the Rock County Ag Ambassador who visits local schools to educate Wisconsin youth on dairy farming and the importance of agriculture. We host farm tours for groups, day-care children, students, other producers and international visitors throughout the year. And as proud partners of the Evansville business community, we sponsor an exhibit at the Evansville Eager-Economy Building that allows people to learn more about the industry and Wisconsin’s premium dairy products.

Like a thread in the quilt of the community, our business depends on other businesses in the area to provide us with services and supplies including veterinary care, local co-ops, milk hauling, electrical service, plumbing and equipment repair, to name just a few.